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Units overview

What is the units overview

The units overview is a box that shows the units of all cities.
-> Selection of city groups is possible.

it is possible to activate / deactivate it in the parameters

How to access the units overview

Access to the presentation of the units is done simply by clicking on the small icon located above the "Jump to these coordinates" button. This is the button with an image of a small sword.

Using the units overview

This is what the unit overview box looks like :

To use it, just tap on an image (pressing the counter below updates with the corresponding unit)

Above is a menu, which is used to show different parts:
Total -> Which shows you all the units available in your cities,
Available -> Which shows you the units currently available by removing what is in support outside,
Outside -> Which shows you the units currently in support outside,
Support -> Which shows you the units currently in support in your towns.

It is possible to show the units of a city group.

Last edited: 14/11/2020

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