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What is a script ? : It is a small software that integrates with the internet browser. They allow to have additional options

Is it authorized by Grepolis ? : Yes ! all scripts on this page have been validated by Grepolis


First, an addon for the respective browser must be installed.

How do we install them? : It depends on your browser, after 1 click is downloaded, we restart the browser and it rolls!

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Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager, with over 10 million weekly users. It's available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next and Firefox.


DIO-TOOLS-David1327 (v4)

(Attention Étape 2!)

DIO-Tools-David1327 (v4) 
(Click to install)

DIO-Tools is officially approved by Grepolis on (EN), (IT), (PL), (DE), (BR), (CZ), (ES), (AR).
DIO-Tools is authorized on (FR), (US), (SK),  (HU), (RO), (NL), (GR)
DIO-Tools is currently prohibited on (None).

The functions of the script :

Almost every function can be disabled in the options.

- smileys
- commercial options
- changes to the layout
- Unity Power
- Wonders of the World-parts
- Form of defense

Join me on discord -> 
- To report bugs
- Subscribe to the beta version
- Suggest ideas
- And much more

Grepolis: Installing the script DIO-TOOLS-David1327

Detailed description of functions

DIO-Tools is a small extension for the browser game Grepolis. It offers, among other things, some displays (biremes counter, unit strength,...), a smiley selection box for text input fields, trade options and some changes to the layout.

Almost each feature can be deactivated in the settings

? Smiley selection box

??Inserts a smiley selection box to the bbcode bar for text input fields (forum, messages, notes) ??Used smilies: +?Special created grepolis smilies:

? Town icons

??Layout adjustment (left-aligned) of the town list ??Adds town icons automatically ??Manually choosing of the town icons is possible

? Unit strength

??Shows the strength of each attack type (blunt, sharp, distance) in several areas (unit menu, simulator, barracks,...) ??Attack and defense values can be switched in the unit menu

? Transport capacity

??Shows the transporter capacity of the available transporter in town ??Dis-/Enable big transporters by clicking on it

? Biremes counter

??Experimental, intended for siege worlds ??Counts all the biremes of each city and sums these

? Improved speed

??Shows the duration of improved speed effect in the attack/support window

? Available units box

??Shows all your available units (no units outside of origin towns)
??Selecting of town groups is possible

Activity boxes

??Movable troops and trade activity boxes with position memory on startup

? Favor popup

??Nicer favor popup with graphics instead of text

? Trade options

??Percentage trade (towns and ww) ??Town festival marking (red) ??Recruiting trade (trade ratio of unit types) + ratio marking (green)

? World wonder

??Layout adjustment ??Share calculation (= ratio of player points to alliance points) ??Resources calculation & counter (stores amount) ??Adds missing previous & next buttons on finished world wonders (better browsing through world wonders)

? Simulator

??Layout adjustment ??Permanent display of the extended modifier box ??Unit strength for entered units

? Conquests

??Attack/support counter ??Layout changes on troop movements (3 instead of 2 rows) ??Unit strength of siege troops


??Larger taskbar ??Minimized windows on startup (daily reward)

? Defense form

??Adds a button for a defense form to the bbcode bar overview (forum & messages) ??Optional settings for defense overview: detailed land units, premium, silver amount, troop movement (experimental)

Caves overview (Administrator)

? A dropdown menu with different filters is added to the overview. You can search for certain paramenters as well.
All silver above 15.000 is automatically added to the input field of every city.

Culture overview (Administrator)

? A display shows how many city festivals, Olympic Games, victory procession and theater plays are currently possible. Cities get sorted to the beginning of the list, if there are a festivals, games or processions possible. You can also see how many culturepoints are still needed to gain the next culture level (culture points which are currently in progress are added to the calculation).


? A button to jump directly to a city on the map is shown, if you hover over a town name.
There are also buttons to export all cities to BB-Code.


? There are many hotkeys for different features of the game. You can find a list of all hotkeys if you hover over the HK image next to the tradeoverview list.

Island overview

? The window of the island overview gets a new look to make more place for the town list and farming villages list. Playernames are also changed to clickable links which open their player profile. A button is added to write a message to all island inhabitants. A display next to the townname indicates how active a player is (based on his recent gain in city points and bashpoints).

Farming villages (Captain)

? The design is improved and many features are added. After you farm a city on an island, all other cities on this island get hidden. Cities can also be hidden/shown if you click on the name of the island. A checkbox shows you if you have already farmed an island or not. Furthermore you can switch cities by using the arrow keys of your keyboard. The script remembers your last chosen farmoption as well and will select it automatically for you.

Last edited: 22/10/2022

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  • Emanuela
    • 1. Emanuela On 17/04/2023

    `Grcrt: true; HMole: false; Gt: false; FLASK: false; Quack: false; GrepoData: false
    Function: dio_latest_version
    Message: ReferenceError: dio_latest_version is not defined
    Version: 4.32
    latest_version 4.32
    Browser: Chrome 112
    System: Windows
    Nb: 3
    Date: 17/04/2023 1200
    Date fin: 17/04/2023 1200

    Just installed the latest version of the programm, but it blocks the game. can you help me, please ? any suggestion ?
  • Monika
    Ahoj všem,
    prosím je tu někdo kdo by mi dokázal poradit nebo říci co mám špatně nastaveno?
    Jedná se o vylepšenou rychlost. Která mi absolutně nefunguje. Zkoušeno na Chromu, Firefoxu a nikde se mi to nepodařilo rozběhat.

    Děkuji za odpověď :)
  • david1327
    LocalizationWhere do we go to translate this? The current Greek translation is ridiculous.

    Pressing add a language :) a page will open a modification is possible
  • Localization
    • 4. Localization On 03/05/2022
    Where do we go to translate this? The current Greek translation is ridiculous.
  • Yaka Draiv
    • 5. Yaka Draiv On 06/04/2022
    Love the script. One query, on the screenshot for "? Town icons", what does the little icon on the right of the 4 cities (Kadesh...) represents?
  • david1327
  • david1327
    First download here

    and after you download
  • curt the conqurer2
    • 8. curt the conqurer2 On 22/03/2022
    every one is telling me that these tools are really cool to use but why is it so hard to find and download why cant you just have a button that says download just getting this is really annoying why cant this be an easy download ?
  • domkeopi
    • 9. domkeopi On 10/12/2021
    danke alles schon bekannt
  • Alex341
    • 10. Alex341 On 10/12/2021
    I used to use DIO Tools, but since they are no longer supported, I use DIO-TOOLS-David1327. Thing is, in Grepo, I get a notice that DIO-TOOLS-David1327 is not up to date. The button "update" in the settings does not work and in the Tampermonkey dashboard there is no known update. So how do I update?
  • Carls
    • 11. Carls On 21/11/2021
    David. Thanks for your work, really fantastic and usefull
  • Markus Rech
    • 12. Markus Rech On 16/11/2021
    *Krieger des Lichts*

    de : {

    Options : {
    per : ["Prozentualer Handel","Erweitert das Handelsfenster um einen Prozentualen Handel"],

    Town_icons : {
    LandOff : "Landeinheit Angriff",
    LandDef : "Landeinheit Verteidigung",
    NavyOff : "Seeeinheit Angriff",
    NavyDef : "Seeeinheit Verteidigung",
    FlyOff : "Mythischen Angriffseinheiten",
    FlyDef : "Mythischen Verteidigungseinheiten",

    labels : {
    con : "Selektierte Stadt",
    Par : "Feier",
    xma : "Weihnachten",

    transport_calc : {
    slowtrans : "Langsame Transportschiffe zählen",
    fasttrans : "Schnelle Transportschiffe zählen",

    reports : {
    support : "Helfer Unterstützer",
    attacking : "angreiffen",
    gold : "Du hast erhalten",
    Quests : "Aufgaben",

  • HakaCode
    Hello is the script Open Source? and is it on github?
  • Rosa Spulak
    • 14. Rosa Spulak On 12/09/2021
    since installated Dio I cant see and use my favours anymore - absolutly annoying and will delete cause I have no time for that kind of jokes and played before 13 years without green elephants !
    not recommandable !
  • david1327
    hello it's available in other script and
  • caslu23
    gostaria de saber se tem este atalho ja ou se nao tem o atalho de apitos quando estou a ser atacado tem
  • Theo
    • 17. Theo On 26/09/2020
    Hello there,

    is there a new update coming?
    everything but the simulation of the distances when you click the town seems to work still

    cheers m8 and thanks in advance
  • david1327
    Hello everyone you can see a slowdown on the list of cities, the problem is due to the "List of cities in BB-Code
    Copy & Paste. Quack function "

    i am working to solve the problem
    thank you for your understanding

    click above to follow the progress of the problem
  • isark
    • 19. isark On 17/05/2020
    Hey David! Thanks for maintaining DIO-TOOLS.

    Do you have any quick fixes or updates for the performance issues when opening the "town list"?
  • alex341
    • 20. alex341 On 13/05/2020
    Hi David,

    Love your script. Only one thing: on the large map, if I hover over one of my towns, I get your town toolbox tip, but Grepolis' default toolbox is projected over yours. How do I get rid of the default toolbox? Is it one of my settings? Is it an error?
  • Tobiasz
    • 21. Tobiasz On 10/04/2020

    Thank you for the version 4.15.11.Optimization is better like last version plus you each new version have some new tool with quick tools script. Thanks.
  • Tobiasz
    • 22. Tobiasz On 29/03/2020

    Unfortunately I must to agree with Skyros. The game now have a big lag when I clik on the towns list. Refreshing the webside is helpful ,but only on few minutes. I wanted to sure that the problem is in yours dio-tools ,so I installed old dio-tools and now the game works better.
  • Alex
    • 23. Alex On 25/03/2020
    Hello, for your next update can you please make it possible to change farms in the overview with the arrow keys? This was the feature of quack I enjoyed the most and my primary motivation for using it. It makes farming very tolerable especially at later stages of the game.

    Thank you for devoting time to this project and for resurrecting the toolset.

    Much love,

  • david1327
    I inserted no ads in the game can you take a screenshot please
  • Skyros
    • 25. Skyros On 24/03/2020
    since the last update, I get publicity, it is terrible to play, is there a possibility to exclude it?
  • Touch0fDutch
    • 26. Touch0fDutch On 09/03/2020
    hi David!

    First of all, thank you for putting a lot of time in updating the tool, so we can enjoy the game even more! Much appreciated!

    Things I would like to being added would be :

    - city view button in drop down menu
    - city view in small window
    - extended side menu open at start up

    in fact, if you ever have the time, I would just copy and paste all features of Quack into the Dio script and make a perfect combination...
    Since Quackmaster will not update his script anymore, I would try to contact him and ask for permission to do so ;-)

    thank you and loads of succes and inspiration!
  • david1327
    Thanks for your comments, it was always an option (unstable). I have disabled it for now. I will try to work on it when I have time.
    For the moment I advise you to download the latest update. Version 4.14
  • Michael
    • 28. Michael On 29/01/2020
    The "Troop Movement" in the "Defense form" doesnt show nothing, just "Desviation (+/- 1)". it is experimental?

    Thanks for your work.
  • david1327
    Thanks. Noted
  • Adrian
    • 30. Adrian On 21/12/2019

    I would like to report a bug with the simulator addon, where it doesn't calculate the defense strength of the defender's troops.

    This usually happens when you've added the troops from an report. The image below should show what I'm talking about

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