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First Tab: (Units)

After opening the "DIO-TOOLS-David1327" Settings page, this is done with the Button dio settings button on the right sidebar of the main page of the game, we can see the existence of 9 different tabs, each of which provides several modules that can be enabled or disabled. according to your need. The "Units" tab is composed of (6) modules, and we will talk about them here.

Units overview

Once this module is activated, you can open a box by clicking in the center of the units and clicking on the button icon dio units overview. Once the window is open, you can choose which units you want visible at all times, and at the top of the box, 4 choices are highlighted! (Total) (Available) (Support). Select one of the four possibilities offered and a unit always highlighted. The selection of city groups is possible.

Activate the "Sea number" module to find out the city's ocean number, visible at the top left.

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Sent units

Once this module is activated, it informs you of the total number of units that have left your cities, whether in attack or in support.

Unit strength

Activate this module if you want to calculate the Total Strength of the city's troops in attack or defense, in several areas (unit menu, simulator, barracks, ...). Click on the defense icon, it informs the total strength of the city's defense units. Click on the attack icon, informs the total strength of the units in the city of attack.

Attack and defense values can be changed in the unit menu. (click on the units).

Transport capacity

This activated module informs you of the totality of your city units available for transport and the transport capacity of your ships, if you have no ships then the value "0". Interpretation: “City population / Transport capacity (ships)”. The button on the right is used to add units being recruited.

Shows in green if the capacity is sufficient and red insufficient. Disable/enable large carriers by clicking on them.

Unit Comparison

This enabled module allows to check and compare all unit data such as attack strength, support strength, unit speed, unit withdrawal, unit cost in stone favors. silver and wood and the recruitment time of the units in (s).

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Removal of the unit tooltips

This activated module makes it possible not to see the tooltips of the units.

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