Update to Version 2.132

App Changelog 2.132

Dear Community,

Earlier this week the mobile app was updated to version 2.132 for both iOS and Android users. 

New features and Changes
  • Resource storage texts were adjusted for more clarity, stating that your warehouse will be full earliest at a certain point in the future.
  • Alliance - Leaders of an alliance could see the button to dissolve an alliance although that right is exclusive to founders. Using the button resulted in an error message. 
    Conquest/Revolt - Some adjustments were made to ensure that processing delays have less of an impact on starting times of conquests and revolts.
    Favor - Reduced favor production triggered by Island Quests now only affects the town the quest was started from.
    Hall of Fame - Fixed an error that could cause Hall of Fame and award data to be inconsistent, consequently leading to errors in the Hall of Fame.

We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you have here

Best regards,

source: forum grepolis

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