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Unit Comparison

What is unit comparison

The comparison of units is in tabular form.
In these tables you will find different comparison (cost, speed, loot…) -> compared for 1 population.

Access to unit comparison

Access to the presentation of units is done simply by clicking on the small icon located below the button "Reach the current city". This is the button with a picture of a small green helmet.

How to read the unit comparison tables

This is what a table looks like:

To read it it's simple it's a classic table with two entries.

In the process of creation ...


Last edited: 18/11/2020

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  • Dark Templar
    • 1. Dark Templar On 01/12/2022
    I think unit comparison tab could be improved by calculating the space needed on ships.
    This way the unit comparison will be more precise.

    What the hell am I talking about?
    Spartoi overall are stronger than Minotaur because they use less space on ships but right now the comparison tab says otherwhise
    Also flying units are more efficient because they dont need ships

    I tweaked the general formula for calculating unit efficeiencies:
    "Number of units used" * "Value of unit: ATK, Pierce armor, Blunt...." / ("pop requirement for units used" +"pop requirement for ship: 5 or 7" * "Number of ships used" )
    // This formula does not apply to Spartoi.

    In order to have a realistic comparison I found that it's better to not divide values from the start, because you cant really put half horse on the ship. So i used least common multiples.

    For simplicity I will write pr insted of population requirement

    Number of units used = LCM("unit pr", "ship capacity")/"unit pr"
    Value of unit is given
    Population requirement for units used = LCM("unit pr", "ship capacity")
    // Here to get the number of units you would have to divide it with unit pr and then to get the total population used by the unit you would have to multiply by unit pr, so those cancel out.
    Number of ships used = LCM("unit pr", "ship capacity")/ship capacity"

    Example for horseman in fast ships:

    LCM (3,16) = 48
    //which means you need 16 horsemen and 3 ships to get and efficient setup

    ATK efficiency = 48/3 * 60 / (48 + 5* 48/16) = 16*60 / (48 + 15) = 15.24

    I did the calculations fro some units in excel, the unit names are in Hungarian, but its actually just the regular barrack and Harbor units
    Units efficiency

    ps: I hope my idea is understandable and clearly explained :)

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