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We would like to thank everyone for each donation, hoping you will enjoy our work in making voluntary donations that allow you both to maintain the infrastructure (each month we need € 15) and to continue the development of DIO-TOOLS-David1327.

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Last edited: 05/02/2023

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  • Ines Lüthi
    • 1. Ines Lüthi On 05/02/2023
    Thank you very much for your great work. I couldn't imagine Grepolis without your tool.
    With gratitude I also donated an amount to you today.
    Best regards Ines
  • Count Davryll
    • 2. Count Davryll On 18/12/2022
    I'm always amazed at how many players use your tools, yet fail to donate the price of a Latte every month or even €6 euro each year (€0.50/month) either the spirit of Christmas is well and truly sunk or players are tighter than a ducks ar**.

    You need to heighten the donation tabs, not reaching your target of €15/ month is woeful considering the work you do, so this day I will be sending you €2/month, an eighth of what you need, let's see if we can get 7 more like minded players out of thousands that use the tools?

    Just in case you feel a little guilty and wish to thank me for my monthly donations, placing the Halloween Vampire permanently in the Dio-Tool smilies, would be highly appreciated. This is an unadulterated bribe! I would sign off with my Vamp signature, but I still don't have it yet!!
  • SeanLui
    • 3. SeanLui On 28/09/2022

    you have to do like grct tools call to donate. Explain how much do you need.

    So it is not forgotten by the folks.

    Think about it.

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