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GRCR Tools – what is this?
One time it used to be just a report converter, known as Grepolis Report Converter. Now it's not only a converter, but also a mighty tool called Grepolis Report Converter Revolution Tools, which improves the gameplay to such an extent, that nowadays many players can't imagine the game without it.

It allows to :

BBCode Converter: It converts the text to BBCode, which can be placed in the in-game mails, on the alliance forum and the general forum.
Army Bulder Helper:
Allows one to send resources easily, specifying what to build in which city, and how many.
Searching for cities:
One can look within the radius of the active city
City wall: A source of information concerning the lost and the defeated units.
Academy Overview: The Academy Overview feeds information from all player's cities, allowing to start or to cancel researches.

-> Detailed description of functions

Free photo hosting website

Site d'hébergement de photos gratuit fr

https://hebergeur-images.com Lien 

- Free service, you will never be asked to pay
- Without limit, you can host images at will
- Anonymous, all hosted files remain private
- Hosted images with no time limit
- No software or plugin is needed to proceed
- Compatibility with tablets, mobiles and consoles
- All photo formats are accepted



The Scripts


What is a script? : It is a small software that integrates with the internet browser. They allow to have additional options

Is it authorized by Grepolis? : Yes ! all scripts on this page have been validated by Grepolis


At first you need an userscript addon for your browser

How do we install them? : it depends on your browser, after 1 click is downloaded, we restart the browser and it rolls!

(Step 1)

K2mcy5qg Kl8gci93 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Microsoft Edge" Km63r7q9 Zzhwmky6

Addon tm black    Addon gm    Addon tm black    Addon tm red    Addon tm blue

Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager, with over 10 million weekly users.
It's available for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera Next, and Firefox.

List of authorized scripts (grepolis forum fr)


Les scripts ci-dessous sont autorisés à être utilisés par la communauté :

Grepolis Toolkit- le script

Grepolis QT / Quack Toolsammlung - Fonctionnalités

Grepolis Report Converter Revolution Tools - Fonctionnalités

Dio-Tools - Fonctionnalités

TOD Tools - Fonctionnalités

Mole Hole - Fonctionnalités

Attack alarm(Dernière maj 2014)
Déclenche une alarme lorsque vous recevez une nouvelle attaque entrante.

Grepolis Attack Notifier (Dernière maj 2014)
Autre script pour les notifications d'attaque sur navigateur.

Back button for player profiles (Dernière maj 2014)
Fonctionnalité permettant de revenir au(x) dernier(s) profil(s) de joueur(s) que vous consultiez.

Transport calculator (Dernière maj 2014)
Calcul du reste de la population qui devrait être redistribué si des navires de transport ou des unités terrestres sont détruits.

Time calculator (Dernière maj 2014)
Script de calcul.

Nous vous rappelons que les bots (scripts effectuant des actions automatiques) sont strictement interdits au sein du jeu.

Nous précisons également que ces scripts ne sont pas maintenus par Grepolis, il sera donc demandé en cas de bogue de contacter directement son créateur.

En cas de doute concernant un script que vous rencontrez ou que l'on vous propose d'utiliser, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus de renseignements.

Votre équipe Grepolis France.

source: forum grepolis

GRCR Tools
https://www.grcrt.net Lien

(Attention Step 2!)

For Chrome :
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/eediamimojgbnjfaalcnlonenfdcogop Lien 

Other :
https://www.grcrt.net/scripts/GrepolisReportConverterV2.user.js? Lien

The functions of the script:
- Allows you to directly publish your reports in the form of a screen
- Provided you new smiley for alliance forum (non-maximized version)
- Give you a new stat tab (not yet available in FR version)
- Ability to export its ramparts and save them
- Count down the time before you can re-cast a spell again
- Allows you to have a bb-code list of a player's cities

-> Detailed description of functions

DIO-Tools-David1327 (v4)

(Attention Step 2!)


DIO-Tools-David1327 (v4) 
(Click to install)

DIO-Tools is approved by Grepolis.

The functions of the script:

Almost every function can be disabled in the options.

- smileys
- commercial options
- changes to the layout
- Unity Power
- Wonders of the World-parts
- Form of defense




Terrier de Taupe

Mole Hole 
https://grmh.pl/ Lien

(Attention Step 2!)

Mole Hole
(Click to install)

The functions of the script:

Ability to generate reports

  • List of troops to the city
  • Use divine power
  • levels
  • Command attacks / support, etc.
  • Attack / defense / conquests etc
  • Spy
  • Occupation of the city
  • State troops in the city
  • Statistics served on the wall of the city
  • Player profile of information or alliance
  • World Information
  • And many others

Additional features include modifying the game's interface

  • Can publish information given in various game locations
  • Increased clock time server
  • The ability to stretch the window for future attacks
  • Display information about the world, the player, period rooms, etc.
  • Change the forum display tabs (if their number does not fit on one line)
  • Increase the height of the window forum, so that occupied 80% of the height of the screen
  • Mini-interface to quickly add emoticons in messages and forum
  • The option to compare statistics on the stone wall before and after the attack (the enemy betrays loss)
  • Alarm of amplification attacks
  • Memorable game settings function to play them on another account / world
  • And many more, who in the future will be or have already been added ...

Detailed description of functions Lien


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