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Update to Version 4.29

Update to Version 4.29 (DIO-TOOLS)

Dear players, dear players,

We would like to inform you about the next release of our new update, version 4.29.

Join me on discord ->
News and changes

To see in detail the changes to the code, it's here -> 

- Building overview filtering (admin):
-> It is now possible to filter in the overview of buildings a search bar has also been added (idea from @Arphox)
Capture d ecran 2022 11 04 172641

- Crop preview filtering (admin):
-> It is now possible to sort cities
-> For hours filtering, I still have difficulties, I'm working on it this function is seen to be improved (idea from @Arphox)
Capture d ecran 2022 10 14 203655

- Smilies:
-> New dialog for the official forum and for the game
-> It is now possible to use all smileys no more waiting for Easter or Christmas (idea from @Count Davryll)
-> Many smileys have been added
-> Added smileys in notes (thanks to @Buffysara for pointing this out a very long time ago)

Capture d ecran 2022 10 31 213309

- Icons of cities:
-> Optimization carried out the game is less slowed down. (Thanks to @Neriss for finding the solution)

- Keyboard shortcuts for Windows:
-> The function has been optimized (thanks to @Neriss)
-> It is also easier to use them with a Mac (to be confirmed)
-> Shortcuts have been added

Capture d ecran 2023 02 03 200138

- Recruitment Trade:
-> Added cave (user request)

- - Script optimization:
-> Simplified function.
-> Translation compress.
-> Image optimization using the images already present in the game

Bug fixes

- World's wonder :
-> The percentage was not calculated on the resources sent (thanks to @peupeu17 for reporting)
 Capture d ecran 2023 02 03 200600

Resource Trade for Festivals:
 -> Buttons disappeared when switching trade windows. (thanks to @Arphox for reporting)

BBcode of the city:
 -> The BB-code of the city name was not updating when changing the city (thanks to @Neriss for fixing the problem)

- Attack button:
 -> Attack button stays grayed out when sending revolt type attack (thanks to @Arphox for fixing the issue).

=> The script is already adapted for the next changes of arrows in messages and reports


Please feel free to report any bugs and comment on this update!

Good game.

To update

To see all the changes, I invite you to go to this link.

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  • Cristian
    • 1. Cristian On 25/02/2023
    Hola me esta pasando lo mismo que vos. Encontraste una solucion?
  • robert trinco
    duplicate island view/city view in task bar

    also cannot use drop down city list, system locks up and must refresh

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