Update to Version 4.28

Update to Version 4.28 (DIO-TOOLS)

Dear players, dear players,
We would like to inform you of the release of our new update, version 4.28.

Join me on discord -> 
News and changes

To see in detail the changes to the code, it's here ->

- View of the city :
-> The city view construction mode is selected by default (The option will be activated manually in the settings.). -> Idea from @Arphox (Discord)

- Icons of cities ;
-> Added more icons. -> Idea of Sytix (forum en)
-> After several requests, it is possible to disable the automatic mode in the settings (The automatic default mode will be disabled, but it will still be possible to use it manually.)
-> The Reset button is to remove the manual auto mode.
Capture d ecran 2022 07 24 171600

- Culture preview (Administrator) :
-> The numbers are again in full

- Setting :
-> Images are sharper.
-> A button to reset settings has been added.
Capture d ecran 2022 07 25 183246

- Scrollbar :
-> The function has been simplified.

List of cities in BB-Code :
-> Function optimization (close window after copier and city list close)

- Version is not up to date :
-> You will be notified of upcoming updates on an icon at the bottom right. Clicking will prompt you to install the new update.
The notification automatically turns off after 7 loads.
Capture d ecran 2022 09 13 190741
Capture d ecran 2022 09 13 190813

- Script optimization

Bug fixes

- Unit overview / Unit comparison :
-> Icons have been fixed when closing windows
 Capture d ecran 2022 07 25 182951

Useful information :
 -> The menu was off.

Reports / Defense Form :
 -> Due to manual translation errors were occurring.

Smilies / Defense Form :
 -> In the alliance forum, the icons are duplicated.

- Header buttons :
 -> The script adapted to the Grepolis update.


Please feel free to report any bugs and comment on this update!

Good game.

To update https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DIO-David1327/DIO-TOOLS-David1327/main/code.user.js

To see all the changes, I invite you to go to this link.

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