Update to Version 2.135

  • On 17/04/2017 at 11:37
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Changelog 2.135

Dear Community,

On Wednesday, April 5th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.135. As always there will be a short downtime while the update is applied

  • As requested by our Community, the notification about the start of the era of worlds wonders now appears instantly instead of popping up with the first new game session after the start.
  • Artemis will finally become available on all game worlds, enabling us to include her in events, Grepolisscore and other game areas.
  • Additionally we improved the deletion of reports when sorting them by category, started preparations for our annual Easter event and fixed some issues in the browser and mobile versions of the game.
New Features and Changes
  • The notification about the start of the era of world wonders now appears instantly.
    • Following recent community requests, we changed the notification about the start of the era of worlds wonders.
    • Previously these notifications were shown with your first login after the era has already started.
    • Now this notification will be pushed to all online players soon after the start.
  • The goddess Artemis is available on all game worlds.
    • From now on it will be possible to offer potential event rewards that are related to Artemis
    • The following awards become available in the Grepolisscore for all game worlds:
      • Slaughterer of Calydonian Boars
      • Slaughterer of Griffins
      • Calydonian Boars, at your service!
      • Griffins, at your service!
      • Resisting the Griffins
      • Deathtrap for Griffins
  • The functionality of 'mark all' and 'delete all' reports has been improved to properly take filters into account.
    • When applying filters to reports and then marking and deleting them all, every single report was removed previously, even the ones that did not fall into the same filter category.
    • Now the feature is working as expected. When selecting e.g. support reports and subsequently marking and removing them all, only support reports will get removed.
  • Grepolisscore - The handling of the current event category of Grepolisscore has been reworked to ensure that correct texts and icons are always shown.
  • Invite Friends - Fixed an internal error that could occur when changing the city the player should be invited close to before finalizing the invite.

We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you have here

Best regards,

source: forum grepolis

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