Update to Version 2.133

  • On 06/03/2017 at 18:53
Changelog 2.133

Dear Community,

On Wednesday, March 8th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.133. As always there will be a short downtime while the update is applied. 

  • For this version, our developers focused a lot on research and implementation of technical adjustments to improve performance of the game client. We will keep following up on this topic with more changes in the upcoming versions.
  • Additionally we tested some of the previously announced island quest changes internally and reviewed them in terms of Game Design standards and technical implementation. 
    Beta testing of these changes is scheduled for the first week of March. Make sure to follow our beta forums if you are interested in the topic!
  • Finally there is good news for those of you waiting to get your hands on Aristotle, Agamemnon and Christopholus. These 3 heroes become available outside their previous events and hero awards are sorted differently for a better overview.
New Features and Changes
  • 3 heroes lose their exclusive status and become available for all players.
    • The following 3 heroes now join the regular recruitment rotation:
      • Aristotle (Winter 2016)
      • Agamemnon (Sparta vs. Hades)
      • Christopholus (Nature's Wheel of Time)
  • Sorting for hero awards has been adjusted. All hero awards are now sorted by hero instead of award type.
    • Previously there was no consistent sorting for hero awards, some were sorted by award type (Bounty, Power) others by the hero in question.
    • From now on, all hero awards will be sorted per hero so that you can easily find all awards for the hero in question without having to look for each award individually.

  • The following preparation for Island Quest changes become activated on live worlds:
    • Mythical units can be sent to Island Quests asking to dispatch troops
      • Previously these units could not be sent to support the quest entities.
    • For island quest objectives involving the dispatching of troops, population is now taken into account to determine how many troops need to be sent
      • Previously: A fixed number of units was requested.
      • This change allows for the aforementioned possibility of sending mythical units to quest to work properly.
    • Island quest difficulty is now determined by a combination of game progression and the amount of points accumulated with each player's biggest city on the respective island.
      • Previously: Average points across all cities on the island were taken into account for calculations.
      • After this change quests will become more challenging but also more rewarding. Since one of the cities is already as far progressed, it should be possible to master this challenge easily, ultimately offering you better rewards more often.
    • The amount of Coins of War and Wisdom handed out as island quest rewards now scale with world speed.
      • Previously: A fixed amount of coins was granted to all players finishing a quest.
      • The world speed multiplier is capped at 4.
      • With this change we expect to align coin gains with player progression on faster speed worlds, allowing you to level up your heroes quicker.
  • Heroes - Training window showed unintended line breaks if stats exceeded 3 digit numbers (decimals). 
  • Player profile - After conquering a town the background color of a player's profile changed slightly. It will now remain the same.
  • Performance - Some technical changes aiming to increase the performance of the game client in some specific situations involving high volumes of commands for one player have been implemented. More are to follow.

We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you might have here.

Best regards,

source: forum grepolis

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