Update to Version 4.22

Update to Version 4.22 (DIO-TOOLS)

Dear players, dear players,
We would like to inform you of the release of our new update, version 4.22.

Join me on discord -> 
- To report bugs
- Subscribe to the beta version
- Suggest ideas
- And much more

DIO-TOOLS-David1327 has been reported as an unauthorized copy of DIO-TOOLS.

It was deleted from my host
DIO-TOOLS does not specify a license, which means that distribution of copies is not permitted unless explicit permission is given.

I had to delete:
- Functions for the wonders of the world (Resource counter and sending calculation + previous and next button on finished wonders)
- Daily rewards (Reduce daily reward at startup)
- Conquest counter (Counts the number of attacks and support in the conquest window)

Hoping that is enough

Bug fixes

- Mac-type computers do not work
-> Correction applied.


Please feel free to report any bugs and comment on this update!

Good game.

To update https://www.tuto-de-david1327.com/annuaire/scripts/dio-tools-david1327.html

To see all the modifications I invite you to go to this link


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  • Alex341
    • 1. Alex341 On 24/08/2021
    Hi David,

    Tnx for the good work. I love your tools and use them on a daily bases!

    Although I am very impressed by the quality of your software, I did find a bug in your version 4.22:
    If I reload the Grepolis page and go over a DIO-TOOLS-city-ICON with my mouse pointer, I get a popup with information about the city: troops, ships and available wood, stone and silver. This works in both world-view as well as island-view and keeps working after opening the senate screen, harbour, cave or other building screens... exept the accademy. If you open the accademy and close it again, the popup with information about the city does not appear anymore.

    A reload of the page brings it back, so it is not a major issue. But I can imagine that you also want to hear about these kind of bugs.

    Keep up the good work!


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