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Update to Version 4.16.2

Update to Version 4.16.2 (DIO-TOOLS)

Dear players, dear players,

We would like to inform you of the release of our new update, version 4.16.2.

News and changes

- Icônes Popup -> It is now possible to hide functions (Support, Heroes, Resources)

- Favor popup -> The tooltip for favors has been moved to only appear when you hover your mouse over the current amount of favors and not the portrait of the god. (This modification makes room for future modifications to grepolis). For more info -> (Forum FR Mise à jour 2.231)

- Storage and optimization -> you will only see the editable options


- Various optimizations.

Bug fixes

- Ocean number -> Sometimes it was not possible to deactivate the option

- Icônes Popup -> The two options were not 100% independent (Map and Popup)


Please feel free to report any bugs and comment on this update!

Good evening and good game.

To update

To see all the modifications I invite you to go to this link

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  • david1327
    hello this will be resolved in the next update

    Thank you for your comment
  • Esse78
    • 2. Esse78 On 08/02/2021
    The script works perfectly but the speed calculation for whene you send troops doesn't work (not shown)

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