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Update to Version 4.15.17

Update to Version 4.15.17 (DIO-TOOLS-David1327)

Dear players, dear players,

We would like to inform you of the release of our new update, version 4.15.17.

  • In this update I fixed some bugs and made some optimizations, mainly the bug reports that you taught me in the forums.

- Adjustment -> add images
- Optimization of functions to avoid bugs (in particular grepolis updates)
- City information is now available on the strategy map.


- BB-Code Message -> (Conversion problem [center] [/center])
- Culture preview (Administrator) -> (Date issue)
- Keyboard shortcut -> (problem with the city list button)
- It is now possible to send a message to all the players on his island.


Please feel free to report any bugs and comment on this update!

Good evening and good game.

To see all the modifications I invite you to go to this link

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  • david1327
    thank you that will be corrected in the next update (Version 4.15.19)
  • Alex341
    • 2. Alex341 On 24/09/2020
    Hi ,

    Tnx for the update. I guess I found a little mistake. After a while I found out that it is this script that does the following:
    In the island view, when you click on a city and choose any option (info, attack, trade, etc) the dialog opens with the name of the city in the title bar, left next to the tabs. However, in world view, the name of the city does no longer appear in the title bar of the dialog.

    Since I use the world view a lot when I am farming, repairing this tiny mistake would be very helpfull...
  • shintai
    • 3. shintai On 06/09/2020
    @ david1327 merci beaucoupe
    ehm thank you very much !!!!
  • david1327
    new version available to fix this problem

    thank you for warning
  • shintai
    • 5. shintai On 06/09/2020
    silvousplais stop le pop up de nouveau update dans grepolis ;
    2 jours le pop up retournez
    excusee pour mon francais
  • david1327

    I'll do my best thanks for the feedback.


    I don't see what you're talking about it's already automatic you're talking about conquests?
  • superhero77*
    • 7. superhero77* On 05/09/2020

    To me it seems you have taken the cultur overview fix from the german forum.
    Sadly it gives the wrong overview as its not sorting correctly.
    it goes first by time and then by date which means if something ends a day later by earlier that day, lets say 06th ah 9am and the other one on 05th at 10 pm ist sorts the 06th 09am first as its written hh:mm:ss: date.

    Do you think you can change this so it shows the correct date?

  • Tobiasz
    • 8. Tobiasz On 05/09/2020

    Is possible to add an information about how many attacks and supports is going on occupation (view for everyone ,not only for player who occupation)

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