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App Changelog 2.133

App Changelog 2.133

Dear Community,

Earlier this week the mobile app was updated to version 2.133 for both iOS and Android users. 

New features and Changes
  • The following 3 heroes are no longer event exclusive and join the regular recruitment rotation:
    • Aristotle (Winter 2016)
    • Agamemnon (Sparta vs. Hades)
    • Christopholus (Nature's Wheel of Time)
  • The following preparation for Island Quest changes have already become active on live worlds:
    • Mythical units can be sent to Island Quests asking to dispatch troops.
    • For island quest objectives involving the dispatching of troops, population is now taken into account to determine how many troops need to be sent.
    • Island quest difficulty is now determined by a combination of game progression and the amount of points accumulated with each player's biggest city on the respective island.
    • The amount of Coins of War and Wisdom handed out as island quest rewards now scale with world speed.
    • The scaling of unit reinforcement effects for Hoplites, Swordsmen, Slingers and Archers has been adjusted. This only applies for effects earned through in-game events and daily login bonus.
  • No mobile specific bugs have been reported or fixed in this version.

We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you have here.

Best regards,

source: forum grepolis

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