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Christmas and New Year's Peace Time 2017

Christmas and New Year's Peace Time 2017

This year, as always, we will be having 2 periods of Peace Time ( Christmas and New Year's respectively). During these Peace Time periods no violent actions can occur. We do this so that everyone is able to spend the holidays with family and/or friends without worrying about defending against a city take over attempt. 

The Christmas Peace Time will begin on December 24th at 18:00 server time and will end on December 26th at 23:00 server time

The New Year's Peace Time will begin on December 31st at 12:00 server time and will end on January 1st at 18:00 server time.

The Peace Time Rules

  • 24 hours before the peacetime, it is not possible to send a Colony Ship (both conquest and revolt systems);
    • It is not possible to land a Colony Ship, or in fact send one 24h before peacetime start
    • This also applies for Ghost towns
  • During peace time, ongoing attacks only visit their targets and sending new attacks is not possible;
    • Any attack due to land after the peacetime begins turn back on arrival
    • It is possible to send attacks during peacetime, if they land outside of the peacetime
  • Town foundings during peacetime are not blocked because there is no battle involved in this process;
  • All interactions with the world wonders are blocked:
    • Resources: players can send resources but if peacetime is active upon the resource arrival time, they are given back to the origin town instead of being added to the wonder. This is similar to attacks
    • Expansion: expanding a wonder during peacetime is not allowed. It is not possible to start the level expansion of a world wonder if peace time is active during or upon the completion time
    • Build: its also not possible to start world wonder building
  • During peace time, offensive spells can't be cast on enemy's town
    • Affected spells are: "Lightening bolt" from Zeus, "Earthquake" from Poseidon, "Plague" from Hades and "Illusion" from Artemis.

source: forum grepolis

Peacetime Issues

Dear community,

Due to a technical error, it was possible to send colony ships and attacks within the 24 hours preparation time for our Christmas peace time.

Our developers have been looking into this issue in the past hours and are in the process of deploying / have deployed a fix to ensure that the system now works correctly.

As it should not have been possible to send colony ships prior to the peace time and/or start sieges, we will look into will returning/have returned any colony ships still on their way and will abort any ongoing sieges started because of this error.

Please accept our humble apologies for any inconveniences caused and merry Christmas to everyone!

source: forum grepolis

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