• Christmas and New Year's Peace Time 2017

    Christmas and New Year's Peace Time 2017

    This year, as always, we will be having 2 periods of Peace Time ( Christmas and New Year's respectively). During these Peace Time periods no violent actions can occur. We do this so that everyone is able to spend the holidays with family and/or friends without worrying about defending against a city take over attempt. 

    The Christmas Peace Time will begin on December 24th at 18:00 server time and will end on December 26th at 23:00 server time

    The New Year's Peace Time will begin on December 31st at 12:00 server time and will end on January 1st at 18:00 server time.

    The Peace Time Rules

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  • Clocks Moving Ahead

    As you may already know, the majority of Europe will be making the transition to Summer time this Sunday, including Germany where our servers are located.

    Please be aware that this weekend on Sunday March 26th 2017, at 2am the clock will go forward to 3am. This means that there will only be 23 hours in the game, and that 2:30 AM will not occur. As usual, the game will not give any indication as to whether an attack will arrive in winter time or summer time.

    All the best,