• Tyche's Advent Calendar 2018


    Tyche's Advent calendar is returning in 2018!

    We kindly invite you to join our lucky winter fun! Tyche’s Advent Calendar will be active from 1st to 31st December and you can spin the Wheel of Fortune each day to win various updated rewards like silver coins, units, bonuses, spells, extra population, or winter crystals!

    Gather five crystals to unlock the new exclusive hero Perseus or all the advisors for seven days for non-hero worlds.

    For more information you can visit our wiki page . We’re looking forward to your feedback.

    We wish you a wonderful festive season!

  • Mystical Hen

    Easter logo

    Dear community,

    Starting Wednesday, March 28 at 10am server time, a special guest will be visiting your city: The mythical hen from the underworld. She’s demanding, she's hungry and to top it all off, she is the pickiest chicken you can imagine! Feed her to receive rewards for your empire!

    Finding food for your hen is easy. Just stick to the daily business of ruling: upgrade buildings, research and recruit new troops, attack your enemies and cast spells to get the ingredients for special feed mixtures.

  • Winter Grepolympia


    Dear Community,

    Hear Nike's call, the goddess of victory is looking for the best athletes to participate in the winter edition of Grepolympia!

    [​IMG] ​

    From January 8, 10:00am server time, until January 20, you can participate in four different winter sports disciplines, with each challenge focusing on different strengths of your athletes. Strategy is just as important as frequent training to become the best athlete in each discipline and help your alliance score the highest in the leaderboards!

  • Sparta VS Hades

    The undead have risen! War is at the gates! Hades has returned and is looking to spread chaos and destruction by sending his undead troops through his portal!
    With the help of Lysander’s Spartan warriors, it is your task to be the field commander and free the island world from the gruesome creatures by ultimately closing Hades’ ominous portal!

    Starting August 7th at 10:00am server time, you will be able to prove your skill as a commander of a mighty Spartan army.
    Lead Lysander’s soldiers in the fight for victory and receive precious rewards, awards and honor points from the daily and overall ranking. Once you have proven to be among the most powerful warriors, you will have a new exclusive hero at your service.

    Get ready to experience the event with some new rewards and changes; give it your best and aim to claim your place at the top, before the event ends on August 27th!

    For more information on the event, please visit our wiki.

    See you in-game!

  • Grepolympia 2017


    Dear Community, 

    Grepolympia is returning to ancient Greece! Get your athletes in shape and be a part of it! 

    Starting March 6th at 10:00am server time, you can participate in four challenging disciplines, each focusing on different strengths of your athletes. Train to become the very best and help your alliance score in each discipline's top ranks!

    Participation in every competition earns you laurels, which can be exchanged for valuable items in the event shop. Looking for additional rewards? Grepolympia is about team spirit, so make sure your alliance’s most successful 10 athletes manage to score the best average result for a discipline to gain powerful bonuses for the whole alliance! 

    Don’t miss this traditional event and join the competition before the event ends on March 18th at 10:00am server time!

    More information on the event can be found on our Wiki

    See you in the game for a good competition! 

  • Valentine's Day 2017


    Dear Grepolis Lovers!

    Have you heard already? Rumor says that Thessalonike, the Mermaid Princess, will be returning again soon! Keep your eyes to the horizon to experience the legend yourself. You shall be rewarded in return! 

    On Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2017, Thessalonike will occasionally appear in the sea surrounding your towns. If you're lucky enough to see her, she will share some of her love with you. 

    The Grepolis team wishes you a lovely Valentine’s Day!

    Your Grepolis Team