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Update to Version 4.23

Update to Version 4.23 (DIO-TOOLS)

Dear players, dear players,
We would like to inform you of the release of our new update, version 4.23.

Join me on discord -> 
- To report bugs
- Subscribe to the beta version
- Suggest ideas
- And much more

Due to host problems, I had to change host.

Please update via this link:


Please feel free to report any bugs and comment on this update!

Good game.

To update

To see all the modifications I invite you to go to this link

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  • slasherdan
    • 1. slasherdan On 02/09/2021
    This won't download
  • david1327
    Hello I invite you to join me on discord to report your problem or on a Grepolis forum

    em here but the responses will be very slow
  • slasherdan
    • 3. slasherdan On 31/08/2021
    Not working correctly

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