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  • Mystical Hen

    Easter logo

    Dear community,

    Starting Wednesday, March 28 at 10am server time, a special guest will be visiting your city: The mythical hen from the underworld. She’s demanding, she's hungry and to top it all off, she is the pickiest chicken you can imagine! Feed her to receive rewards for your empire!

    Finding food for your hen is easy. Just stick to the daily business of ruling: upgrade buildings, research and recruit new troops, attack your enemies and cast spells to get the ingredients for special feed mixtures.

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  • New World Epidamnos (en105)

    World Epidamnos


    On Monday, January 22nd, EN105 Epidamnos will open its gates for battle. As always Instant Buy, BPV, and Gold trade are active. Feel free to discuss the world here and once the world opens the discussion thread will be closed and moved to the world forum.


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